Shanghai, october 29, 2010 - Giorgio Napolitano visits the Italian Pavilion

Shanghai, october 29, 2010 - Expo Milan 2015 Presentation event
Shanghai, october 22, 2010 - People, the heart of the city: The city in Lombardy's past and future
Shanghai, october 20, 2010 - From October 16 through October 31, eight master luthiers from the renowned Cremona Consortium will take turns handcrafting the world’s most celebrated violins
 Shanghai, october 16, 2010 - "Man and earth connection"- Vibram staged a reality flash-show at the Italian Pavilion at the Expo”
Shanghai, october 12, 2010 - From the Gold of Taranto to the Gems of Bulgari: The magnificence of Italian craftsmanship from past to present
Shanghai, september 27, 2010 - Live concert by Maestro Rolando Nicolosi (a renown piano player will play immortal Italian melodies) Courtyard, Italy Pavilion
Shanghai, september 27, 2010 - Cassina Brings the Art of Woodworking to the Italian Pavilion
Shanghai, september 20, 2010 - Top Italian and Chinese Architects Gather at the Italian Pavilion to discuss the Role of Sustainable Architecture in Designing Future Cities
Shanghai, september 19, 2010 - Italian Pavilion Hosts Forum for Exchange between Guangdong and Venice
Shanghai, september 15, 2010 - The Filarmonica della Scala di Milano: An Ambassador of Italian Culture at the 2010 Shanghai Expo,
A Bridge Leading to 2015 Milan Expo

Shanghai, september 14, 2010 - Top Italian and Chinese Experts Gather at the Expo, Opening a Dialogue in Sustainable Development Cooperation
September 7, 2010, Shanghai - Italian Pavilion Launches Frette Workshop: Italian Artisans Embroider Fine Linens in Workshop
September 6, 2010, Shanghai - 30 Lucky Visitors to the Italian Pavilion Win Gifts from TOD’S